DeEtta's Dynamic Designs Indulge your personal style

Several years ago, I lost my first husband when he was only thirty-six.   This was a terrible loss for me and I was feeling very adrift, wondering about everything in my life.  Should I stay in our house, or move to a different one in town?  Should I keep my job, or move closer to family and get a new job?  One day during this period of grief and reflection, I was out walking my dogs, minding my own business, wondering what direction to take at this cross-road, when a voice said, “You should make jewelry.” 

I looked around for the source of the voice, I turned around completely, still looking, but there was no one there.  I thought about the voice for several days.  Jewelry was not something I had ever thought about making, and the idea was totally outside of my experience.  But I decided to give it a try.  The first couple of attempts were pretty awkward, but I quickly discovered I loved making jewelry.  Every piece is made with love, while at the same time, making each piece nurtures my soul. 

Thanks for looking at my work. 

Best wishes.